Team Killing Bananza

  • With the recent patch breaking the voting system, the chiv community has been showing its true colours, and they weren’t particularly bright to begin with. I usually have chat off so its not what people are saying that’s bothering me, but more of the totally random tking.

    So here are a couple of idea’s I think would help eliminate tking, both pre and post patch.

    -In the old days of CoD 4 when you got tked the death never counted, this totally took the reward of tking out of the tkers hands while still giving them the punishment of a loss of points. This should be simple to add and no doubt in my mind would stop purposeful tking, and would alleviate the frustration of being tked.

    -Add a -20 penalty to tking, -10 just isn’t enough, I believe doubling the penalty will at least make a large majority more cautious about causing team damage.

    -Add a stat next to a kick vote that shows how many people that person has tked, for example they may be purposefully getting the final blow in, which would leave them with a low team damage percentage, but high amount of tks.

    With this being said tks do happen alot by accident, and often aren’t even the the fault of the person who deals the tk, a common example of this that happens to me alot is a friendly maa on 10HP jumping in between me and the enemy while I’m mid overhead swing, in an attempt to steal my kill, which never ends well. So I don’t think that tks should be punished anymore than I have set out above personally.

    The Issues:

    Also I realise that the first idea of making tk deaths not count could lead to some trolling, whereby people force tks on themselves and vote kick, but I think that will be a minority (even in the chiv community).

    Another issue might be that friends will tk each other to “save” their K/D ratios, but again that would be a minority in my opinion.

    But anyway let me know what you think and perhaps if you can provide some creative solutions to the above issues.

    • fix votekicks & add firepot & ballista/catapult dmg

  • I’ve only played once since the recent update what happened? What part of VK did they break?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Haven’t had any problems in the Oceania community.

  • People have been pretty chill with the bugged votekicks, which surprised me, because the EU community is usually awful.

  • it’s kinda business as usual except you only see one kick per map which is refreshing :P

  • It doesn’t even effect me due to a movie marathon of sci fy stuff atm. From even a few weeks ago plebs were simply
    vote spamming all sorts of rubbish but actually kicking the team killers or exploiters you wanted off the server hehe.
    This could be a valuable lesson to those simply abusing the system day in / out. Why even kicking players for joining
    a server.

  • @VizualDeciple:

    I’ve only played once since the recent update what happened? What part of VK did they break?

    The recent patch has made it so there is only one vote per game, I’m not sure if this is a bug or if its intended, if it is intended then its a really bad way of dealing with vote spam.

    I mean my main issues with vote spam isn’t the voting itself its more of the over-sized UI taking up too much of the screen, so adjusting that to a reasonable size would be a better approach.

    I mean other things they could do are:

    -Give a limited amount of votes per player, so for example you only get 3-5 votes per map depending on the game mode, again that would make people think before voting. In doing this they could also get rid of the annoying cool down, which is usually made annoying by random vote spam, stopping you from being able to do a proper vote.

    • Add a UI option like they have with chat, which allows you to hide the voting UI.

    These are simple fixes….or should be.

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    Haven’t had any problems in the Oceania community.

    If only the other regions could be such an awesome community lol.

    Of course it wasn’t intended and has been bought to the developers attention; being looked at now. Approach an admin if any issues arise and they will help you. Through the steam group chat.

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