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    • Choose Knight.
    • Take any shield and any primary two-handed weapon which can be used as one-handed (e.g. Longsword, Sword of war or Messer).
    • Appear on the map (you first time appear with sword in both hands and a shield on your back).
    • Press “1” key to take your sword in one hand and hold a shield on another.
    • Press “2” key to take the secondary weapon attaching the primary sword to the side.
    • Be impressed when pimary two handed sword disappear on you side.
    • Can also press “3” key to put the shield on you back and continue to be impressed of sword absence.

    See screen.

  • If choose Knight and take a shield and any primary two-handed weapon which can be used as one-handed, you can sometimes watch broken animation when pressing “1” key to take your shield from your back.
    The animation played wrong and you can see that the shield reverts the wrong way round.
    It works SOMETIMES and only first time after respawn when pressing “1”.
    PS. Maybe you should appear on that very map and on that very place shown on the screen.

    See screen.

    Every time after respawn, the bug is also seen when selecting the secondary weapon with shield:

    • take knight
    • take a shield and any primary two-handed weapon which can be used as one-handed
    • press “1” key to take your shield from your back and watch broken animation
    • after that press “2” key to take secondary weapon and again watch broken animation

    As ive already mentioned that bug is true only after respawn and selecting keys only once, because when you select the keys the second time and more - all becomes good…

    Bug happens not every time - the last time I watched it on free-for-all map…

    Adding more screens

  • SInce the latest patch, the game keeps freezing and crashing all the time for both me and a friend. Seems to work fine for a couple of minutes but then it just freezes and crashes to desktop.

  • Here you can see that a shield is disappeared (not attached to the model back) after pressing “1”, “2”, “3” keys in different sequences…

  • pavise always shows up as the ‘disabled’ customisation option while on your back.

  • Reiver Agatha Helm Open not showing as open for 3rd person perspective.
    I understand the helmet displays as closed unless withing a certain distance, but i would like to be able to see it open from 3rd person.

    This is a C rated bug.


    1. Fly Hack

    2. Severity: A

    3. May use macro recorder (

    setbind j button bduck 1
    script spam j every .05 and hold w…
    or crouch look down, and bduck into the floor


    1. Evidence:

  • @SgtHannes

    I dont know if its just me or not, but whenever i play i have a weird bug where dead bodies will eventually turn into little ragdolls. For example, if i were to kill a person and come back to where i killed them later on, instead of their body being a full size ragdoll, it will have shrunken into what seems like a baby version of the ragdoll. Ive looked all over and havent found a way to fix this.

  • 1:Use any weapon skins without buying them,also for hidden ones
    How bad is it: AA
    Ask kage, i dont think its fixed yet,i already shared it to him

    2:View through the walls with a console command (like a wall hack)
    How bad is it: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Same as above, not fixed yet.

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