The Elitist Clan quality is terrible thesedays

  • No names will be disclosed here off course, Just to say After coming across some Eu clan names
    active clans, I was reminded of an encounter with a rank 55 Clan vanguard on an official pub server
    with how the situation escalated into an almost full out war over a few weeks with a trio of them.

    It was just before my last sci fi marathon some months back. While lazily playing on this ffa server
    the van at that time who was leading the scoreboard with the usual rubbish of combat came at me
    in our first encounter in that game. To say it was a short fight was about right as I remarked
    “is that all you do try those silly moves?” Off course this initiated him charging at me above
    the other players esp to try to kill. Fail , Fail as he did he was then joined by another clan
    member from his clan ranked I’d say 50 something also a van.

    After a really close fight
    which ended with me killing the pair of them, I simply said plebs now days don’t cut
    the mustard hehe. After exiting this server, when next I played once again one of them
    appeared to be leading the scores, who I had not seen before, within a few kills the
    other Two joined the same server, it ended up with them constantly trying to kill me
    while teaming. Due to the lack of success of these 3 heavily ranked over 50 players
    at simply killing me it ended up with what ever server we met on later on they would
    simply callvotes to kick me off. This is why I’ve never gotten into Clan Scrims Chivalry
    as they really do take it very seriously , its easy to see why clans form and dissolve fast.

    This also proves a point that simply playing at a 90 to 105 fov with no combat tricks
    simply builds a solid different kind of skill. Wise men say find one thing you do well
    then stick to that.

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