Chivalry: Fatal Error

  • I’ve crashed about 6 times today in 32 and 64 bit. spawn in run 2 metres and the game just dies.

  • I would suggest a few tests. Firstly validate the Chivalry files. it usually gets the missing files.
    Then don’t fire up Chivalry but go to the Steam folder and simply deleted everything but the folders
    and steam exe. Steam will update and fix itself, it might even send you a key as it thinks is a new pc etc.

    A while ago I fixed an identical problem that way as a steam update had been more problematic then ever.
    Second approach off course also used by me before was to simply rename my existing Steam folder to Zsteam
    or oldsteam. Make a new folder called steam and past the old steam folders contents into that. IN this error it
    turned out a micro sector of the hard drive where steam was installed had become almost a bad sector, hence
    by changing the entire folder to a new location that fixed that and my steam folder in its new location has never
    crashed since. I won’t discuss my other fixes yet as each was used on my other pc’s (8 or more here)

  • Developer

    Beta Steam client, or non-beta?

  • Developer

    Going to throw a fix for this into the (very quickly upcoming) patch patch…

  • non-beta Steam.

    and thanks.

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