What a mess this game is

  • Every now and then I create a new account to lower my rank and go through the steps again.

    Join a noob server, and autobalance is completely broken.

    What a mess this game has become - archers can escape knights, votekick is broken.

    I see now why so many people left a year ago. With every patch more and more is broken and all we have left is Loin spamming drivel about 90 FOV on the forums sigh.

    imo tbh ugh retards.

  • All you do is try to insult me in clever ways crass drama queen you are. If you even had a clue about such stuff
    games of Quality with fov 90 or slightly higher in some cases do employ fov locks. plus vac ban for tampering
    with fov. Its a playing field leveller you see. All you do is often come here making threads titled with some
    swear word at TB, you complain but yet go under cover with new accounts on steam to constantly newbie bash.
    In the game. One can only imagine the kind of twiglet you actually are up close. These fov anti tampering
    games have lasted for over a decade.

  • 89 vertical fov = 120 horizontal fov. So I guess I could technically play with 90 fov without a problem.

  • An agreed fov set by the Developers is all the game needs. If that happens to be 105 or 125 in first person its quite ok then.

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