[Dev Action Needed] Crossbow bug with zoom and firing

  • If you zoom the crossbow and fire, sometimes it gets stuck on the zoomed view.
    Also when you fire rapidly from light crossbow (and possibly with others) and reload just after you shoot, the crossbow doesnt go back to the scoped mode if it was in it before.
    I use a crossbow, press ALT to zoom, fire, keep ALT pressed during reload, realease on bolt ready to fire, keeps the zoom without the key pressed.

    I fire a crossbow (light one?) and instantli after pressing LMB i press R to reload. Crossbow reloads but it stays in unaimed mode.

    Second bug doesn’t happen when waiting a bit after firing the bolt - which takes the sense of light crossbow being fast to reload - you waste time on bringing it back to aimed mode.

    bug 3:
    When aiming with crossbow you are unable to sprint, but when you fire it and spam shift randomly, and go back to aimed mode you can sprint while aiming (its quite random but happens alot). You can’t sprint when not aiming then.

  • I was going to report this bug too, but glad that there is search button =)

    Here you have example how to reproduce the crossbow zoom bug.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqnVTvvT … e=youtu.be

  • Thanks guys, added to the master bug list.

  • I’m not sure if it’s been mentioned, but another aspect of the first bug is that if you hold zoom (ALT) after you shoot (while zooming), and continue to hold down ALT, when the crossbow is prepped for fire again, you end up zooming in even more.

    I’ve kept doing this and you can get the camera to zoom in really close. Un-aiming and letting go of ALT and hitting ALT once more will reset the zoom level back to normal.

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