Dedicated server running two games

  • Hi,
    Apologise if this topic has been posted else where on the forum.
    I already have Chivalry medieval warfare running on a dedicated server box.
    I would like to run two servers from the one box, I could use some help on how to do this.

    Kind regards

  • I don’t know but a guess would be to have completely different ports on each server with another directory for
    the chivalry files and folders running that udkpcserver thingy file?

  • The fastest and laziest thing is to have two entire separate sets of dedicated server files.
    One for TO per example.

    Other a mix or LTS, whatever you want.

    Just make sure they both have correct commandlines.
    Seperate ports like so:

    One server will have UDK.exe AOCTO-Stoneshill_P?steamsockets?maxplayers=32 -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7000 -QueryPort=7500
    And the other will have UDK.exe AOCLTS-Moor_p?steamsockets?maxplayers=16 -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7100 -QueryPort=7600

  • Hi Loin,

    Thanks for your reply.
    I will look for a tutorial if there is one or maybe someone on here will know.

  • Hi SR,

    Many thanks for the info.

  • Hi Razio,

    This is what I have done following reply.
    Copied my CMW dedicated server folder to the same folder then created a start-up icon on the desktop. Added your suggested command line arguments and ports. checked the in game server list and it is there, the problem is it will not appear Lan side.
    Could you advise?
    Kind regards

  • You can make config subdirectories (inside the main config folder) and then use the -configsubdir flag when running. So using Raizo’s examples above it would be like this

    UDK.exe AOCTO-Stoneshill_P?steamsockets?maxplayers=32 -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7000 -QueryPort=7500-configsubdir=TO_config

    UDK.exe AOCLTS-Moor_p?steamsockets?maxplayers=16 -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7100 -QueryPort=7600 -configsubdir=LTS_config

    Where TO_config and LTS_config are folders inside chivalry_ded_server\UDKGame\Config.
    (copy all the required config files into each of those folders and then edit them appropriately)

  • Hi Dudeface,

    Thanks for reply.

    As mentioned I am new to this.
    Is it possible for you to screen shot your directory setup (assuming you have this setup) it would be a great help?

    Kind regards

  • Hi, Dudeface,

    I have created a new folder in the UDKGame config and copied and pasted into the folder. I have created a start up file and used your command line (many thanks) and the server can now be seen in the server listing. The problem I have it will not show up in the Lan listing.
    Would you have any ideas what this could be?

  • Not sure. Maybe Raizo would know. I don’t run servers on my local machine (nor do I run two servers / configs on the same machine :P ).

  • Hi Dudeface,

    Ok thanks for your help.


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