Admin trolling

  • Why don’t you do something about a certain admin just trolling basically with impunity
    Its one we all knew as the 10,000 posts man prior to appointment
    trying to derail threads on here and steam, constantly worse some months
    then others. You can’t have double standards its the lowest crassness of all tbh.

  • They see me trollin, they hatin.

    Though I don’t think you should be talking about double standards there loin.

  • double double standards tbh hehe. No harm I suppose but they don’t need to hear about pay to win (van sword skins)
    tbh. It appears some can’t even figure out how to select a shield lol.

  • I might add not worth another thread but yesterday I fired up an ffa game and added 3 bots. To my amazement everyone
    of them spawned as archers, a bodkin one, crossbow one and spearman, the shocker was after killing them thats all
    they would spawn as archers. Just as my match ended a few vans and a knight appeared. Very strange imo to have
    every spawn from 3 bots as just archers for near the entire game.


    Everything was clarified in the end. No harm done.

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