The key to being a veteran

  • Many gamers don’t seem to now this but the key to being a very good player is taking a week up to a month
    away from playing. These formulas work on many things, ie doing gym work to get buff the quality of rest
    is what builds you up not over training day in day out. Why even very good fps players shoot in bursts not
    constantly ie war fps games. Quite often when I return players who gave me a few problems are even easier
    to frag/kill. INfact any major config changes should not be tried until a two week period is away is done.
    ie to break in a fov or reduce it, the way your keys are binded, Why on one occasion I took so much time
    away on my return found myself playing quite ok holding the mouse right handed hehe. After a few hours
    of doing ok finally I remembered that my game style is leftie.

    There it is, rest and return. One one occasion I decided to try Quake live many months ago but
    was pleasantly surprised to complete all the rocket training tasks and strafe running on my first
    attempt. Rest is the key and good diet.

  • ps I forgot to mention a biggie is never hold down the jump key or any key in games , strafe moving or normal movement
    key holding down constantly can introduce bad habits that take years to break/correct. more depth tba eventually

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