Anyone wanna help out?

  • Was thinking about getting Chivalry for PC on the next sale, and was wondering if anyone wants to slaughter me for their entertainment while I get the hang of it? I’m still going to play every now and then on PS3 and with my clan too, but I’m kinda tired of the frame drops and lack of content in general for that version. I could switch over to Xbox360 but I think PC would be better even tho Xbox still gets more content than PS3. I know a few people on the consoles here play on PC too, so was just throwing this out there.

  • yup I’ll send you one when I pick up Chiv, all I have right now is TF2 lol

  • I can’t atm , after checking my 99 game inventory on steam a copy is not present, When I switch over pc’s will
    dig about in my 3 other small steam accounts, I am sure at least 3 or more copies are about in my mess of computers.

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