Kismet question

  • Hi, I’m working on a mod where you are supposed to chop trees and build a fort. Having never used kismet before, it’s of course a bit difficult, but I’m learning.

    This is the first list of what I want the player to be able to:

    • Chop down a tree and gain a score from it.
    • Use the score to build a wall, or a tower.

    Having learned some basic kismet, I have succesfully managed to create the part where you can build the parts of the fort (using triggers + matinee). But the next part I cannot figure out how to implement. I want the player to be able to hit a tree with his weapon, and gain a point for every hit, so it would essentially function as a dispenser (the tree isn’t supposed to fall down since that would take ages to animate for every tree). I then want the each trigger (for the buildings) to require 10 points to be used. But I cannot figure out how to do this? How do I implement this “point system”? I have seen this in the horde mod for instance, where score is used to purchase new weapons. Here the score would simply be used to “purchase” a trigger use.

    Currently I am trying to reverse-engineer the horde-mod kismet, but it is proving difficult, so I would really enjoy some help, thanks :)

  • Whatever actor your tree is, it has an onDamaged event to be placed in Kismet (select the actor and right click on Kismet background). Connect the instigator to the ‘Change Player Score’-node to award the score.

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