A new Competitive mode Sword

  • That’s a good score tbh, Recording at the same time as playing would be even better as you know, as recording a demo
    while playing it can lag/cause problems. IN this mode it could also be run by as a competition on a server with hosts
    add the commentator and a que of players , Remember each player will have a different spawn of bots in game.

    Also for a player to validate his claim of a record holder of scores in a screenshot he would have to repeat that
    on a server witnessed by a comp scene/hoster and even a twitch channel.

    The best 2h sword of war scorers could be in a chart of best player scores all time, across all regions also.

  • Amongst my 68 kill demo’s I found a 72 kill also. Will upload video later on. It would be nice to see a comp organised
    with players trying to get the best score of that day. NO doubt some might even rage quit midway tbh.

  • Very good score tbh. Remember you can’t use throwing axes, this will be a good idea if a comp organiser/server hoster
    runs on for a day or Two. Some players will get a different variety of bots spawned plus other unexpected things.
    Try to repeat that score while recording a demo mr L, It would be good to see it posted on utube.

  • A player could have 4 attempts spread across the competition at the tournie’s end a few prizes for the best Two kill scores.
    In the even of a drawn score just keep playing until one loses as they will. The majority of players in waiting could be in
    a mirc channel or chat room on steam waiting to be called to head to the server by the organisers ,stream would be
    possible on twitch also I’d guess.

    Demo’s of single player attempts would really remove any idea’s of players using ranged throwing
    weapons for the first 10 or more kills as nobody would know you see. Demo’s are the way forward
    or witnessed on a server if the players resources don’t allow to make demo’s and play at the same
    time tbh.

  • Finally, a game mode that I can fit in to my hectic man-about-town lifestyle. I often have to choose whether to roller-skate around or play Chivalry, now I can do both and still have time to contemplate life. I had great fun destroying those bots, and being against the clock added a new sense of purpose to the bot match. I scored 70, which I see puts me as the lowest at the moment.



  • I scored 70, which I think is lowest. Good game though.



  • It does sound easy to kill a few bots with speed but as you say its not. Esp if a league starts or live server play.
    competing against time and other players in this mode could be lots of fun. I bet many are trying to hit 80 kills
    even now although sneakily before posting here. nice video tbh Mr Monkwon

  • You’re goal is to equal or beat that score in Sword mode.
    If it takes off prizes are being considered for the best results in live comp games on the day etc,.
    A 77 kill demo if you can beat while recording, no doubt you could even pick up a few prizes next year tbh.

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