Quitting - Done with this game - I was too good.

  • Half my post have been deleted, half my threads have been locked, I have been unfairly targeted by moderators, so I’m done. I was banned for team killing, a level 7 knight was rampaging through our team and he team killed me and a bunch of other people while we were fighting, and then when I saw him attacking a teammate near spawn I jumped in and team killed him, and then I became banned.

    I put my foot in my mouth in my defense (This is why there are lawyers in the court system) and now I am some great team killer when I might team kill less than 1% of the time and avoid doing so constantly. I’m banned because of the basic game mechanics and the fact that because this game is going downhill new players now take priority over rank 50s and veteran players.

    Not trying to brag, but I really am one of the best players who ever graced this game and I don’t even try that hard, I can solo just about anyone 1 vs 1 anyone and win, 1 vs 2 and win, 1 vs 3 and win, and I can even solo 1 vs 4 - 1 vs 5 and win… I’m number 1 in the leaderboards constantly even with bad ping playing on foreign servers now that I’m banned. I get accused of lagging and get kicked. They just don’t acknowledge or realize my skills. Oh well…

    I think a requirement to be a moderator is that they should have to demonstrate some sort of skill at this game. For instance, I have a fraction of the hours logged as most of the moderators and I am in my ranks 50s, while they are in their rank 40s or just recently made it to rank 50s with double and triple the amount of hours logged. Why? Because whatever team I’m on usually wins and I get more points than they do.

    I’m fighting such an uphill battle, that it’s not even worth it anymore, so I’m done. Before you guys grill me on things you should be aware that this can happen to any of you. Playing this game is now some sort of privilege reserved for a select few and regulated by holier than thou can do no wrong type of people with big egos. I deserve an apology for being wrongfully banned, but they will never humble themselves. Too good for it.

    I should note too, that it was suppose to be a temporary first time warning 4 week ban, but now I am permanently banned because I spoke out and voiced my opinion about what’s going on.

    When I logged on the other night there were about 100 people playing, so it’s pretty obvious this game is old and where it’s heading anyways.

    Was fun while it lasted even though as someone who has studied medieval combat this game is totally unrealistic. Swords go through people like lightsabers. Nerds made it like star wars.

    I’m going to go play some other games now. Have a good one. Don’t teamkill that noob just stand there and die or you will get banned.

  • In my experience most of those players who say they are the best are usually average if that. Oh well, have fun with life.

  • Who are you exactly? random joe #1453

  • Don’t even know if this guy is serious anymore lol. But here it is straight.

    You got banned, you made a good appeal then shortly afterwards followed it up with a really nasty appeal before we had finished considering your first appeal. Then have continuously hammered us becuase of your own behaviour digging your grave deeper and deeper.

    If you had waited for your appeal to be responded to you probably would have been unbanned. I mean you were just teamkilled noobs who thought you were a bad guy. A slap on the wrist, don’t do it again, a short explaination why and you’re on your way playing chivalry again Instead you educated us on the type of person you really are and we decided we don’t want someone who behaves and thinks like that on our servers as that behaviour is only a detriment to the community. Nothing good comes of it.

    We are more than willing to reconsider if your behaviour changes. If you are willing to accept that you are the only reason why you are no longer allowed to play on official servers. We have rules and there are no exceptions. For without rules or people to enforce them where would we be?

    Locking this his thread before it turns into pointless arguing. If you want to PM me or any other moderator about it that’s fine. But public threads do the opposite of helping your cause.

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