Selective high ping on server

  • Hello, I own an old duel server located in Rotterdam.
    My ping as I live in Amsterdam is really good, usually 4-12 range (high tickrate 256).
    Although nearly every player has really good connection with my server, certain players have random long spikes on my server, which makes their average ping >100, which for my standards is unplayable.
    If I ping that player (located in Ireland) using cmd the average round trip is 42ms, which should be quite even with him pinging my server. The average round trip of him pinging my server is 89, which is an incredible difference.
    Only a small select group of players have a very high ping on my server but have a good ping at other servers at around the same location.

    I have no clue what could be the problem, I first thought it was clientsided. But as it only occurs on my server and the select group is growing I am beginning to think it’s serversided.
    Server is hosted by btw.

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