Just Too Good at Chivalry - REAL CANADIANS

  • you’re leaving, Oy? I never got the chance to kill you.
    What does this have to do with Canadiens? I thought you were the only one on the pc.

  • @dudeface:

    Plot twist: that noob was an admin.

    I do like these plot twists tbh hehe.
    Do you have a console mr oY? I can’t find the thread that said what one had the higher fps rate? Xboxone or ps4

  • @Oy:

    My comments have been erased, my threads have been deleted, I have moderators hunting me, I’m done. Just because some noobs tk me and I get them back. “Sorry” he says, HE BROKE MY FUCKING KILLSTREAK. He asked me to stop but I had to teach him a lesson so I spawn camped him and abused him in chat, and just for that I’m banned from official servers? He tked me first!!

    I don’t want to brag, but I really am legit one of the best players in the game. I can 1v1 anyone and my drags are lightning. I always lead games and I’ve executed every feint perfectly. I’ve never died, except to that noob who tked me. Just because I added him on steam and followed him into games to camp him and tell the mods to suck a dick I’m BANNED?

    I’m done with this game, and I’m not even drunk. Just too legit to quit but still quitting though. Just let noobs tk you or u get banned.

    Spawn camped and abused him in chat? Followed him into games to hunt him? Dude, I think you’re taking it a little too serious…Sucks he broke your kill streak, but spawn camping to team kill is a bit much.
    We’re on different systems so I’ve never fought you, perhaps you are the most skilled player. But the Best Player would have honor, acceptance of others ineptitude, and maybe a shred of mercy. The Best would be fun to play with, where we all have a good time instead of raging…it’s a GAME, Dude!

  • Well played Oy.

  • Thank you :)

    I checked in yesterday and I’m still b& from running Chivalry, Tibbs invited me to a group chat with gabe newell and we discussed my future, apparently it would be illegal to ban me because of how good I am so they decided to lift it in a month. I’ll be back to follow and spawn camp soon guys!

    Btw Loin get a ps4.

  • I thought this was a humour post again? Are you saying your banned from the game mr Oy?
    Very disturbing tbh if thats true, very uncanny an admin happened to be were you were playing
    if that is the case. You do know they know when your on line in steam don’t you?
    Its quite possible you were in fact stalked and watched by an admin. I do note a while
    ago after a few forum exchanges by me, that when I was on a few servers an admins
    name flashed in joining game, After this was happening a few times but they were not
    in the game, I thought they were joining, temp changing name and spec’ing my play to
    get me on some rubbish if they could. This is why you should take breaks from this game
    Mr Oy. I do know for a fact mr Monkeyboy from that sm server took my ip from an official
    server and then banned me for good on all his nasty troll hole servers, even though I don’t
    play on them.

    I believe you have grounds for an appeal mr Oy based on being stalked after leaving forum here.

  • Oy, perhaps you should consider a career in sales, marketing, or politics…?

  • @Reithur:

    Oy, perhaps you should consider a career in sales, marketing, or politics…?

    If you want the company to go bankrupt, sure.
    Oy actualy posted this in offtopic, so hats off to you.

  • I’m just laying the track, nice to see it being used. Yes Loin, I was banned from Chivalry. When I try to launch Chiv in my steam library it says “Cannot launch Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Please try again when you’re not so pro.”

  • Put in one of those appeals I’d suggest a start at this stage.

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