[PS4] Is there anybody playing it? Why am I geting empty servers all the time?

  • So, I finally got my chance to play this game. I neve had a good computer to run it, so my last hope was a PS4 port.

    Thanks for that.

    But I’m having a very hard time in find people to play. I’m always all by myself on any server in any game mode that I tried. I live in Brazil.

    I thought of two possible explanations: first, nobody bought the game. Second, my copy isn’t connecting with populated servers and I would like to know why.

    In twitch streams I saw lots of full servers, which makes clear to me that plenty of people got the game.

    This makes me think that my game is avoiding foreign servers. If this is the case, how do I solve it? Willl Torn Banner make any changes to correct the issue? Or am I doomed to never play this?

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