Stygies vs Order of the Fallen Sun

  • We got an official Clan War going with Order of the Fallen Sun this Saturday night at 8:30pm us central time if things go correctly. I plan on using the following format:

    Kendo-Style LTS on Moor
    Team Deathmatch on Moor
    Team Objective (Corpse Wagon) (switch sides)
    Team Objective (Bomb Cart) (switch sides)

    Total Matches #: 6

    My only problem is the general lag issue with hosts and some people not able to join games, even with invites. I may trim it down to 5 games, take out a TO, replace it with CTF on Moor. What types of clan war formats do you follow?

  • I’m pumped for this war, let’s hope my memory serves me correctly with this one

  • Glad to see Fallen Sun are growing. I remember when they were only 3 strong

  • Last war we did with them, they hadn’t enough people at the time. Let’s see if they can get 5 actual members this time.

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