Problems of the console version

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    Here we are discussing the problem of the console versions, and wait until the reaction of developers (it is, nevertheless, the official forum).

    All the following description is valid for ps4 game. On the PC, there is no such difficulties.

    Please accept the participation of all stakeholders in an adequate and peaceful discussion.

    1. Graphic problems:

    1. Sometimes characters and some elements of an environment start flickering. (Possibly, problems with shadows.)
    2. Visually game looks very poorly for modern consoles. Textures muddy.

    2. Problems with optimization:

    1. At external faded (awful, actually) a form, game constantly lagat. Especially when many players in one place gather.
      At declared 60 FPS, game (subjectively estimating) constantly falls till 20-30.

    3. Problems with the user interface:

    1. There is no menu for a server choice. The server can’t be chosen from the list: the player can choose only the game mode and the region (that almost tells nothing to the player).
    2. Management of the character is realized badly. For example, the weapon should be chosen as the Up and Down buttons, and after all it was possible to make switching on the third weapon keeping of the Triangle button. To the voice menu access is realized unsuccessfully, the player will quicker kill, than he will choose something.
    3. The menu of a choice of equipment is realized unsuccessfully. Inconveniently to change it during game.

    4. Problems with netcode:

    1. It is difficult to find the suitable server in a type of absence of the normal menu for its choice. And that menu that is, copes with the task badly.
    2. Because of logs sometimes don’t pass blows to the opponent, he teleports according to the card.

    VERY IMPORTANT: The console version of game dazzles with unsuccessful decisions. I.e. a problem not only as realization, but also in suitability of the chosen approaches.
    In such look game causes disappointment. I bought it since on the personal computer game very much was pleasant to me. It looked better, worked better, management of the character in it was realized better, search of servers and continued support of the project by developers.

    Passed three years, I had a console and I decided to return to this game…

    It isn’t necessary to be the genius are how unsuccessful to see decisions for the console version of game. Inconvenient management, inconvenient search of servers, inconvenient choice of equipment.
    To it it should be added a weak technical aspect of port of game.

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