[Suggestion]Make your game more popular using Desura

  • Hello,a friend told me about this game and I’m really looking forward to it.

    I’ve noticed this game has much less attention than it deserves, so I think that by contacting people in Desura will be a good option ,since the community there is always looking for new games and it is very mod friendly.
    (Desura is basically a Steam-like program that promotes mods and new games)

    I believe that expanding your fanbase wouldn’t hurt you , and Desura is an easy way to advertise your game and let more people know about it. :)

    You can see what Desura has to offer to you in the link below:


    (I’ve searched for your game in Desura but I didnt find it , sorry if it’s already there ,I’m only trying to help)

  • Bump.

  • Chiv is probably gonna be steam based.

  • still a good idea to get some type of promotion over there is they can… no point not to try

  • It can be also on Desura. Being on Desura does not affect your games release through Steam.

    You have nothing to lose, only a lot to gain.

    Trust me, this game can be huge if people actually learn about it. ;)

  • It affects profits though.

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