TDM castle - work in progress

  • Hi,

    It’s been a while since I last posted on my other in-progress level, which I will address with an update shortly. However in the mean time I have another new design to show for a TDM map set in and around a castle.

    I’ve been working on this for about a week on and off between other projects and the shell is about 90% complete, with just a few additions required for spawn zones and for me to resolve a problem with a height transition in the central turret.

    It is a little tricky from the top down to identify the various paths but it has a lot of routes leading in circles and figures of eight and a lot of height change. I really wanted to make it feel like you where inside a castle, so there is also a nice mix of interior and exterior spaces which will add a lot of visual contrast.

    The design has gone through a lot of alteration already and initially started out as a symmetrical level. However, after finishing it, I wasn’t happy with it, so went back to paper and redesign half of it. It is now significantly more interesting in both gameplay and visuals.

    The intention is to have teams spawn inside the gate houses which can be seen at the top and lower left corner of this image:

    above: inside the castle keep

    above: detail shot of the lower right corner of the level as seen from the top-down image

    above: shot of the exterior of the keep from the lower left corner of the top-down image

    above: this room/building will probably end up as a chapel

    above: shows a view from in front of the top gate house, looking toward the castle keep in the centre of the level

    Hope you enjoy the pictures :) I’m now going to concentrate on getting this and my other level completed before posting further new level designs. So look out for updates shortly!

  • This is already looking fantastic!
    Good job!

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