Idlekick problem

  • I’m willing to look past the horrible networking issues and low framerate…

    But one thing I cannot get past is the idlekick-feature.

    When I’m playing with friends or strangers on Horde mode for hours, getting to high waves and great gear and when i’m dead god forbid if i decide to take a bio break or get a drink, I get booted from game after 3-5 minutes and lose all progress in the coop.

    Please, the timer is ridiculous! It takes atleast 20 minutes to watch your friends finish the wave, and you can’t possibly force the player to be fiddling with their controller all this time while waiting to respawn. Let us have biobreaks or a drink ffs!

    Increase the idlekick to 15 minutes atleast, so I can take a proper number two while waiting to respawn!!!
    3-5 mins is a horrible joke which makes me want a refund of the game! I’m fine with the other issues!

    Fix ASAP (atleast for Horde mode!) !!

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