Xbox One Multiplayer Latency

  • Hello all

    I have been looking forward to this port for some great quick medieval multiplayer action. So I bought it even though I knew it was running 30FPS, but I was fine with that…until I discovered the latency issue… my download speeds are 50-60 MBS on every speed test I do. My Xbox One is wired. My other multiplayer games Titanfall, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Dragon Age, world of tanks, all run smooth. No pings above 100, but with Chivalry Medieval Warfare I was getting pings of 230+ that mixed with 30 FPS…and the game is pretty much unplayable and frustrating.

    Needless to say I requested a refund from xbox support, and they are indeed refunding me back.

    If Torn Banner eventually addresses these issues, I will be back in, until then…its not even worth the 20.00+ I spent.


  • U were probably playing on the wrong servers

  • Sigh lel…

  • Banned

    No comment, because there is a thread for this

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