Ps4 - failed to find a server to join

  • started this morning where i cant seem to find a server to join. ps4 is connected to the internet, all other online games work just fine. tried closing the app and restarting. restarted the ps4. nothing seems to be working!

    all i see is “failed to find a server to join” over and over! what gives?!? :neglected:

  • not quite sure. post it in the bug section i am sure people will help u find a solution

  • Banned

    I have never had this problem or heard anyone else with this problem, try waiting and seeing if it is just not your internet provider and you might want to restart your router. If neither of these work than that would mean it is either your ps4 online settings or Chivalry. Hope it helps.

  • Yeah I’ve had that problem before, but restarting the game usually works. It usually happens to me because I go idol on the home screen for long periods of time and I need to restart the game. But my internet has also been down before and I just had to wait a few hours. A lot of people might be on your service right now idk. It has to be a network issue.

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