The Legless Man at Arms Pub

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  • So what do u mean when u say reborn is dead. I don’t believe u when u say he’s dead…… is he just not signing on?

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    Me and Reborn were friends outside of Chivalry and House of Grimm for a long time. He has went completely silent for a long time. I can only assume. No fact though, unless you want to believe that on of your best friends would up and never contact you randomly. Used to talk every day if not play Chiv or any other game together, if not that we would work tirelessly on the website, papers, and the video game. Not sure what happened to him but for now that is what he is to us.

  • That’s pretty crazy. Someone told me earlier that he raged and broke his Xbox.

    That is just bizarre

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    That was something I spread around, at first at least. I don’t have enough free time to do all this work by myself though.

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    Remember that Reborn’s occupation was a boxer, he might have gotten injured or anything along those lines. At any rate I need a new bff to play games with, so someone buy starbound and play with me before I die of depression.

  • That is some crazy whit man…… he’s gonna come back to chivalry and be like “where did everyone go?”

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    He is going to come back and I swear the first message is going to be a quote of one of the messages above and it will say:
    Zian and Reborn gay lovers confirmed? XD

  • Lmao.

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  • Most likely

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    That was probably the most depressing way to start off a social thread x.x time to ask firecracker about the title

  • Also would like to point out how I’m friends with a developer

    *sticks tongue out at all of the peasants

  • @Zian:

    That was probably the most depressing way to start off a social thread x.x time to ask firecracker about the title

    Lol. Just thought of it off the top of my head. Could have been the eye less archer pub for all I care

  • Also, what is this HOG video game about?

  • I’m just casually reading this

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    I’m gonna go look at the game code files and cry because it’s never going to be finished without anyone else helping me x.x have a nice day lol

  • Wait. What is the game supposed to be about? What genre?

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    The basic idea was you play as a knight (completely choice though, you can also play as special house of grimm characters like Bunny Gangster) and work for your clan (by default HoG, but could be changed with whatever name you want, with a little begging I could send you an individual copy with whatever emblem you want displayed in game) The clan castle would be the center of the game and you would use money and materials you gain on missions to build it bigger, adding things like shops, companion centers, shortcuts. Was going to add in a siege mode and there are some files in there for traps you could put on your castle. The game would be maintained by me once it got started and I would put more items and enemies into the game + add event missions. If you were a member on our website you could also use the on site currency to buy custom items and events that all players who played the game could use. So hypothetically, if you gained enough money on site you could have a SDS sword on the HoG game. It is unfinished though and is only in testing stages, will most likely never be finished due to my lack of free time.

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    It would be a 2d platformer fighter with really nice pixel art I got some of my artist buddies to do for free ( I love them, helped on so many projects) It played quite nicely and the crisp pixel art was really making it come all together, with a nice hit collision system and blocking + skills it was going to be quite fun

  • Sounds pretty cool.

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