Vote To Kick needs tweaking

  • So I’ve played Chivalry on PC here and there and became half-decent at the game. It released on Xbox One, and the general population of people here are not nearly as good as on PC.

    Result? Me usually having a 2-3 K/D ratio. Now I don’t consider myself hardcore, I don’t care about K/D, I care about having fun. My fun involves running into 3-4 people and killing them all. Unfortunately being owned is understandably not fun for the other team.

    So other team kicks me because I’m too good. I have never seen my team damage over 5% and my ping is consistently under 100, so I know for a fact they’re just raging. While normally I find this humorous, it’s gotten to the point where I am unable to finish about a third of the games I get into because I’m getting rage-kicked so frequently. And as much fun as duels are, I get bored only having one person to chop the limbs off of.

    Recommendation = Not letting other team vote kick. Works on PC generally because people are more mature, doesn’t really work too well on Xbox One.

  • Welcome to Xbox it only gets worse from here. I get kicked in the same fashion all the time and so does anyone else who can play the game. It would be awesome if you could only vote kick somebody for having team damage of 10% or more. Wish they bring back the name of the person voting for the kick because then you can always message them after and ask why they voted you which results in everything from cussing you out to accusations of being a cheater…beautiful.

  • Hi,

    I have just bought this on PS4 and am loving it. Trouble is, I have noticed as well that the vote kicking needs addressing! I have been in the vote several times even with 0 team damage and a ping under 60, all I can think is that its some kids who cannot take being slayed!

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    Happens to everyone, limiting vote kicks might not be the best solution to fix others being imbeciles. I think we can all agree that if you are vote kicked from a game for being too good that there is no real reason to care considering 1. you can join back in two minutes 2. if you were kicked for being good, chances is that it wasn’t challenging for you to fight them in the first place so getting kicked doesn’t matter.

    But it does annoy me too sometimes x.x and the hate mail is real!

  • It happens to the best of us, unfortunately.
    In my opinion there should only be a sort of host/admin ban and no votekick. Surely this would be unfair at some points, but at least it’s one person who can kick you and not any old Joe in the game.

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    Well I am assuming that after the newbies find out what is what they will hopefully stop spamming the vote kick, and everyone will no longer reflex vote yes. Until that day comes, I’m perfectly fine about getting kicked from the game of five people who all just press rt.

  • The secret is to not be good, sink to their level……be a whiner, embrace it

  • Just join games with friends so that u always have 2-3 guaranteed nos in the voting. Or go into game. Chat and yell at your team to vote no

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    I feel like if someone yelled at me to vote no (which I always do unless the team damage is way out of proportion to their kills/assists and class) I would vote yes out of spite.

    No amount of ear **** will make me want you in the game lol

  • Lol. Idk just a thought I guess.

  • Kills me seeing people with less than 10% TD and -60 ping get kicked then at the end of the round see 3, 200+ pings…. like wtf.

  • Vote kick is bad on console. Its just another way to win. I’ve also seen ppl team kill the king cuzz there mad they didn’t get to be king. should be more like hardcore COD 3 team kills nd ur kicked. that would smarten ppl up some

  • i’ll put a limp in your ego. I’m sure theres bad pc players tooo

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    i’ll put a limp in your ego. I’m sure theres bad pc players tooo

    pc is a larger spectrum, more good players, many many more bad players.

  • Can’t really do anything about the salty vote kicking. However, I do wish I could see who initiated the vote kick.

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    Can’t really do anything about the salty vote kicking. However, I do wish I could see who initiated the vote kick.

    Chances is when people find out that the person they are kicking cannot see them it makes them want to do it more. People work that way, our great whole

  • I got kicked from a match yesterday when I accidentally hit my own teammate with some fire, to which he responded by killing me multiple times and then voting me out. I love salt.

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    ya know, that breaks the tos… to bad its not really enforced on console, in all honesty you could just join with a few friends and team kill everyone on your team every round and no one could do anything about it :/

  • I can’t stand people who vote kick spam. Just yesterday I was in a game on outpost, I was first on my team as a MAA and I got team killed every other life because all anyone would do is horizontal swing as a vanguard on my team. Me and a team mate are both attacking the same guy, he kills him and I cannot stop my stab and he moved in the same direction I was trying to guide my stab into to avoid hitting him…… I hit him once, he overheads me with a Zweihander in his next life and I die from yet another TK. I send him a message and say “yo man wtf was that about”. I get no response and I get vote kicked with only 5% team damage. wow

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    I think you just are bad, maybe you shouldn’t kill your teammates so much firecracker lol

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