• The objective where Masons must free Malric is a bit wonky balance wise.

    • Masons are extremely far from objective
    • Agatha spawn is 3 inches from objective
    • Mason needs to fight several waves of the same enemy(/player) to get to the objective

    why doesnt mason get a new forward spawn when the objective prior is completed? why is this even in rotation when its so agatha sided. ughhhhhh:mad-new:

  • I’ve only seen Agatha win that on that stage once. As far as I’m concerned its a Mason friendly objective lol.

  • I agree with Lemonater47. In my experience in almost all instances when Mason got to this objective, they won. Maybe because I am always a Mason :P
    But more seriously; Mason might be far from the objective, but there are many routes you can take to get to Malric. Also the “Freeing Bar” only fills up when you completely destroy a lock. So if you manage to sneak through undetectedly and no one camps there, you can turn the match pretty much on your own. This is especially easy when Agatha gets over-confident and throws everything they have into the “broken stair chamber” and Mason spawn.

    Shore (is that the flag in the end one?) on the other hand, ist the most broken piece of shit map, I ever had the misfortune to play on. At least here in Asia, Mason seldomly wins this one no matter how much time they have on the flag. And that is even though the flag icon generally bugs out about 20 seconds into the objective, which actually should disadvantage Agatha.

  • What I love about shore is you get like 2 extra minutes for that last objective after you finish the second-to-last one. makes me lol every time.

  • Yup. At first I thought you don`t get any time at all until I payed extra attention to those two minutes. xD

    Btw, I just played it and guess what… As if the game wants to punish me, Mason won that shit lol. :/

  • It’s not completely impossible. Win maybe 1/4th of the time or something. But it just feels like a slog and the bugged marker makes it even less enjoyable.

  • you can bug the marker out straight away by changing class while holding the flag :P

  • @LongSun:

    you can bug the marker out straight away by changing class while holding the flag :P

    You can also bug it by running over the flag pickup location near spawn before it’s fully timed out where it was dropped.

  • ^^ yeah people waiting in spawn to pick it up is the thing that most commonly gets it all out of sync.

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