Looking for practice partner or group

  • Hey before you guys shred this forum for being “pointless and stupid” just have a read, 90% of duel lobbies are noobs on the next gen so present little to no challenge, occasionally I come across some people who put up a nice fight but I just want a partner to practice with or even a group, just a little duel group/partner to practice with at any time, someone willing to kick my ass and possibly vise versa ;) never know, but please, ego free zone, just looking for fun with some practice if at all possible….thanks, can message me on xbone if you feel the sudden need, somervillage is my gt

  • I actually haven’t seen any of you tbh aside from dopewizard sometimes and homura popping in for a split second

  • Feel free to message me on the xbone, i would love to practice :)

  • Just hop on yo me and jeff are in a lobby currently,
    im down to add more people that can kick my ass

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