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  • So im not sure if this os a common thing but i aswell as my brother and friend play this game we have 3 consols and 3 games, it appears as though our ping is unreasonably high for the 30 mbs internet we posses, i constantly have problems with the latency of this game, this is the only game i have latency issues on so i would be left to assume this is a problem with the game, when more than 6 ppl are in one room everyones ping raises to almost 200 and then it becomes a lag fest, so i would hope anyone having similar issues report this so we can get a patch to stabilize this game thank you

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    You may have a high internet speed but you also may have a lot of packet loss, or your PS4’s online settings may be making your connection slower. There are also commonly issues with your i.p. address when playing on consoles that will make your game lag.
    -try restarting your ps4
    -check for background programs and downloads
    -do a ps4 live connection test
    if the ps4 connection test says that your i.p. address is interfering with your connection then check if you have a private or public i.p
    if your i.p is public than you can either wait, or restart your router for it to change
    if none of these work then your ps4 might either have a faulty wired internet or there is something wrong with your game file. try to reinstall and if it still lags then I have nothing x.x

  • Try a wired connection as well. Not sure why you would have that much ping with 30 MBPS…… something HAS to be interfering with it

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    his router is in a lead lined closet XD I would pee myself laughing

  • This has nothing to do with your internet connection. Servers will start to have increased ping as more people join. A full TO or TDM server will raise my ping from 30-40 to 120 along with everyone else’s as well. FFA is typically lower even when full.

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