How to get someone banned who you don't like

  • So you see a player around a lot that you don’t like. Maybe he’s better than you and pwns you all the time, maybe you don’t like his gamer tag, maybe you’re just bored.

    Here’s what you do. Fight some enemies, get some real combat damage under your belt. This will be beneficial if he tries to vote kick you.

    When you’re in the game with said player provoke him. Join his team, shoot arrows at him while he’s fighting enemies, throw knives, you know just have fun with it.

    When the player realizes it’s you he’ll probably try to kick you. If you have enough combat damage the team damage percentage will be low and the vote kick will fail. With his one vote kick gone he’ll probably try to defend himself and team kill you. It’s ok if you get team killed, because that just racks up more team damage for him making it easier to kick him.

    You don’t want to kick him though you want the player banned and gone for good, because you are evil, so let him take his rage out on you. Fight back like a noob would, swing randomly, so he thinks you have no skill and then he will get more enjoyment from teamkilling you. Insult him in the chat to urge him on. Don’t stop provoking him though. Keep finding him on the battlefield and cause him much grief. You know, just be a total noob about it. If he cries in the chat odds are no one will care and if he’s asking people to kick you then just vote kick him with his high team damage.

    What you need to do is find a Moderator who’s online. Tell them said player won’t stop team killing you. Ask for their help. Use an alternate account if possible and tell them you just started playing the game. A moderator will ride in on a white horse probably and then when they see the player team killing you repeatedly… Banned.

    If you happen to have friends that play this game get them in on the action too. Have them complain to the same moderator who is online. Say “Player name” is team killing nonstop. Your friends don’t even have to be in the game with the player, but the moderator will take it more seriously if multiple people are complaining about the same player.

    It works, it happened to me. Try it :02.47-tranquillity:

  • This would work against players who don’t think outside the box. If you have another friend in game who sees this happening they can also spectate and gather appropriate evidence. You could also try contacting an admin. There’s are plenty of ways to do so without retaliating by breaking the rules. Whether it be through these forums. Through the steam admin group. The steam forums, or to one of them on steam direct. If they’re all offline you could try to be the bigger man and switch servers.

    If a moderator comes in and sees someone intentionally team killing they will of course warn the player. Then followed by a kick and then bans for repeat offences. Rules are rules. If you team kill repeatedly and choose to ignore the rules, you dug your own hole. So go sleep in it.

    Are you complaining because you got banned for breaking the rules? I don’t get the point you’re trying to get across here.

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