Xbox One –-- Concerns/questions

  • Okay so I have a few concerns/questions for anybody who can provide answers or clarity, preferably part of the torn banner team.
    Will Xbox one version ever be supported at 60 fps? 30 fps… is well let’s just be honest, it’s kind of … debilitating
    Will the Xbox one dedicated servers ever be adjusted? I’m from US East and even on the US east servers it’s like 100-150+ ping at all times… which is kinda bad if you’ve never tried playing with that type of ping.
    and my last concern is your false advertising in your DLC, you said the Inquisitive Dreadnaught bundle had two exclusive special weapons, they’re literally just weapon skins… and they’re not very unique or special, but I do like them and I do like the armor that came with the bundle… but I feel like 9$ was kinda steep just for some cosmetics… I get you gotta make your money but can you at least clarify they’re just weapon SKINS and not actual weapons…
    I do love Chivalry, it’s a great game! I am happy to support Torn Banner by buying some DLC, just kinda disappointed with the description being sort of misleading.
    I do not mean to sound like a kill joy by any means, the game is a lot of fun! Way better than that crappy ass Black ops three.
    I just hope to see the servers become more stable and a possible future update to increase the frames per second from 30 to 60, Ps4 is great and all but they shouldn’t be the only ones who deserve 60 frames, I know Xbox hardware can support 60 fps all the same as Ps4 can… so what’s the real issue?

  • Nobody knows? ;-;
    I just want some clarity, I love the game.

  • Sometimes I find I have a better connection in central even tho I’m from east, maybe this helps some

  • It’s definitely a bit of a let down. Perhaps our expectations were to high, It’s still an arcade game afterall.
    Still fun.

  • Ping times seem to have gotten better in the past few days I’ve noticed. Today I was seeing avgs of around 60ms. I was somewhere between 48-60ms on east.

    Not sure about frame rate doesn’t really bother me considering the games fun factor. I really like Blops3 though. Still play it as well.

  • I agree the game is still very fun, and it is an arcade style game after all but none the less, I still am confused why the frame rate is killed so hard compared to Ps4’s framerate, I can deal with the high ping, the best ping I had was 80 ms and playing with that felt really good compared to 120-180 range. It still feels smooth for 30 fps, but I was just hoping there would be some future advancements. Cheers guys, I will still play the game a lot! I quite enjoy it.
    If anyone wants to get together for some action or something, my tag is Gorestrophic, I’d like to get better at the game and would take any tips/advice some of you guys who moved from PC would have to offer or even if you just think yourself quite a good player.

  • Will they patch to up the fps?

    its just not fast enough to fully control

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