Cant join a specific server

  • I CANT join the AOC Brasil COLDFIRE INC server, but all the other i CAN!

    Its something different betwen server or something?

    Cuz its not firewall or something like that, otherwise i couldnt join any server.

    Can plz some1 help me?

    I wanna play this game if the lowest ping XP

  • I have the same Issue here…

    I can join any server but this. All of them have an ping above 170ms and my game experience is really not good. The AoC Brasil COLDFIRE INC server has an ping under 100ms but the I simply cant join this server…

    Any tip?

  • +1 the only good server in terms of ping for me is AoC Brasil COLDFIRE INC and i can`t join!
    it says Please wait while the game loads… and does nothing…

  • Same problem here.
    Anyone solved this?

  • The same to me
    I can`t join the br servers but i can get in all of the others.
    Pls Fix it how fast u can =)

  • Interestingly enough, it doesn’t show up in the server browser for me.

    But I have ways of finding things. Here ya go with magic link to autoconnect to it:

    .Chivalry Brasil - Server 1 Nova Rotação (COLDFIRE INC) ( [server:3cku0po8][/server:3cku0po8]

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