PS4, will there possibly be any improvements to performance in the future?

  • Hi!

    So my question is, are there going to be improvements to the performance of chivalry on the PS4? considering more intensive games can run on the PS4 with no performance issues at all I would’ve thought chivalry would’ve performed a lot better than it does. I really hope they do improve the performance and i’d think a lot of other players do as well. The only game mode which runs just about perfectly with no lag are duels, probably because there’s only 2 players in a small map.

  • indeed the stamina bug and fps is terrible

  • You would of thought it would of be addressed by now. By the looks of it they’re taking the path of thanks for your money, we’re not wasting any further development time on this investment as they wanted an easy quick return on the fan base. I doubt we’ll ever hear from the developers as they only care about blacklight redemption the terrible game , check their twitter they never shut up about it… Not one mentioning Chivalry.

    Really not happy they’ve screwed us over again. Torn banner let it happen too so they’re part to blame.

  • Hey if it prevents shield users then it’s welcome in my home

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