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    Alrighty, just want to bring an incident to light and I am wondering why this occurred. FIRST OFF, I say the mods suck a lot, but considering it is their job to punish the people who do things wrong on the forums, like the police people hate them. Still curious though, why I am threatened to be banned for doing something that many, many others are doing. TIME TO ELABORATE!

    Read on the bug report thread that someone put in a report that said there is a bug where the xbox one plays on 30 fps when it is suppose to run at 60. I posted a quote from the developer Playerhater that it is suppose to run at 30fps on xbox one. My post was then removed, and the moderator posted where it was that I should shut the fuck up because its not a debate forum and if I post again he would ban me. I was ok with that, and while it was kinda silly how he went about it I was fine with his decision and stopped posting anything besides bug reports. Going to post more bug reports I can see that he had to change his post from saying shut the fuck up, and it is now in some nicer worded whatever, and has been changed to point at everyone, but still whatever I don’t really care. What I am confused about is how literally EVERYONE has pointed out facts about the game to people who were confused. You can go there now and see these posts. Only question… why haven’t THEY been banned or threatened? Ima go to law school just so I can find a way to sue TB outta spite for this xD

    I know what I can do, I will get a supermod and they can fistfight this mod for me to save me, the damsel in distress!

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    Forgot to say Illuminati confirmed

  • I agree with this…

  • Global Moderator

    What post are you talking about ? I can’t seem to find any post by a moderator that you are describing there.

  • I was scolding these idiots for constantly derailing the bug report thread. Or as they call it, “defending the game”.

  • The mods are here.

    Here comes the cavalry.

  • May as well lock or delete this thread tbh…

  • :worked_till_5am:

    This all comes - at such a interesting time… you sir Zian - I plead and seek of your time…:cocksure:
    Do you also boast - about such things important YOU most? :excitement:

    Listen my friend Zian - I declare it this day. :witless:
    The Banner’s already Torn! Must we continue to fray? :fatigue:

    Banner - though Torn - we hold you quite high - listen I plead of the Banner Most Torn - listen not - to the words of “that guy”.

    For you are a team - sturdy n’ True -{to be as transparent}- a voice, a plea, that my :sentimental: comes through! For even but just one’s eye.

    Torn Banner - please - ALL I see of you is Blue!


  • That was beautiful… Wipes tear.

  • Confused on everything I’ve read here……

  • He complained. He died.

  • I’m moor_p than happy to assist in your aid… What part in particular - might you need another? [FOR] this Reason - I stand before you.

    Confused on everything I’ve read here……

  • RIP Zian D……

  • @Hansinluck:

    I’m moor_p than happy to assist in your aid… What part in particular - might you need another?

    Not confused about the poem, confused about Zian’s predicament

  • Zian D was his original account. He posted some photo shopped vore on the forums then got cleaned up.

    Well done dude face! xD

  • Now that he’s banned…… time to talk trash behind his back! Jk lololol

  • Was his own fault that he got banned…… TB and the Mods can kind of do what they want for running THEIR section a of the website. It’s like poking a bear with a sharp stick, eventually it’s gonna wake up and claw your face off!

    <gory image="" here="">XD</gory>

  • @Firecracker999:

    Now that he’s banned…… time to talk trash behind his back! Jk lololol

    Instead of said banter - why not make a toast!
    Those amongst us rejoice!


  • Rhyme one more time and i will murder you.

  • I’m drinking hot chocolate right now…. know can toast with that I guess

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