Looking for a Xbox 1 clan. - North America

  • I haven’t played much Chivalry, but I feel I am a decent player, I could use improvement of course and perhaps some skirmishes and tips/advice from more skilled players.
    I would like to join a clan and get into the game further.
    I’ve been dabbling with Knight/Vanguard mainly, but I’m open to play the other classes as well.

    About me –
    My gamertag is Gorestrophic
    I’m 22 years of age, located in New York.
    I’m fairly mature and level headed, I’m easy to get along with, respect me and I will respect you.
    I have a Microphone but I have to use my laptop for a TV screen which limits me to only be able to use my microphone in my own created parties through the Xbox app on Windows 10, so my chat is limited to parties created by me.
    I have plenty and plenty of spare time to play, and I’m available pretty much any time.

  • Sounds perfect man, shoot me a message on xbox, I just started a clan a couple days back, looking for players still obviously, doesn’t have to be elite but have to know the basics, would be glad to have you my gt is somervillage, feel free to shoot me a message whenever if you’re interested

    possibly having a practice later today depending who’s on so that’s a good time for you to showcase what you got :)

  • Haven’t checked the forums in a while, wasn’t expecting a reply at all honestly.
    But I will shoot you a message, been a lot going on lately with the Holidays.

  • No problem at all dude, take time

  • Lol. Dang you Summer! Seems like I’m late to the party again. Hey, Gorestrophic if it isn’t the right fit with Summer send me a message at xRKxMomomoseph on Xbox One. We have a easy going clan that likes to compete. We will train. I have personally taken newer folks aside and trained them myself. Goodluck and if we arnt the fit for you I hope you find a clan that is.

  • Gonna take true speed to beat me, I have my own tent set up on these forums

  • Gorestrophic. If you want, sir, you could do what I did and create your own clan. That’s how the Stygian Corps started.

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