Take my money! - Steam fails to take it :<

  • I wanted to buy 12 copies of chivalry to gift to friends for Christmas, but Steam doesn’t allow that with the 4 packs :<

  • lol. Which department handles “that’s dumb” comments?

    I can understand not letting people buy multipacks because you are basically doubling up on discounts (steam sale discount + 4 for the price of 3). But in addition to that you can’t even add more than one copy of a game to your shopping cart. There’s nothing to stop you from buying a game 12 times, it’s just massively inconvenient.

  • It’s steam we’re talking about here, It’s almost as if Origin works seamlessly compared to it.

  • “That’s dumb. I’m telling on you to Gabe.”


  • Couple ways to handle this:
    Create a new valve account with new email, in this way you will end up with 3 gifts and an account with chivalry.
    Trade to someone that’s trusted that is interested in trading or receiving your gift and have them open, then give you the 3 copies.
    You can also trade with collateral in exchange for the 3 copies.

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