[MOD] Help with custom player meshes

  • Hi, I’m trying to replace the player meshes with custom made meshes but it doesn’t seem to work.

    Specifically I’m trying to replace the Mason Archer with this stormtrooper model, I already have it rigged and ingame.

    I can test it in the editor by placing a AOCNPCSpawner actor and possessing it but I want to make a mod where they replace the actual player models.

    This is how my ChivAdvCharacterInfo_Mason_Archer.uc file looks

    * Copyright 2010-2013, Torn Banner Studios, All rights reserved
    * Original Author: Brady Brenot
    class ChivAdvCharacterInfo_Mason_Archer extends AOCCharacterInfo_Mason_Archer;
        /** Pull this out into the Helmets etc. arrays */
        /** Ownership info **/

  • Looking forward to star wars: zombofront.

  • I worked on the model in the meantime.

    Its ~13k tris, game ready model, now the game just needs to be ready :P

    For the Empire!

  • You have to set your own Customization classes and override some functions. Build off from this tutorial: https://tornbannerjira.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=23789595

  • I followed the instructions and the models get replaced now, unfortunately the player camera is bugged. It doesnt follow the player at all. It just stays frozen in the map.

  • Cinematic third-person view. Call it a feature.

  • I’m not familiar with how the UE3/Chiv models work. Is there a particular (named?) bone/joint that needs to be in the head which the camera attaches to?

  • @dudeface:

    I’m not familiar with how the UE3/Chiv models work. Is there a particular (named?) bone/joint that needs to be in the head which the camera attaches to?

    Thats what I was thinking as well, I’ll investigate it tomorrow.

  • When you are testing use the console command: showdebug. Pay attention to the CharacterInfo and FamilyInfo and see if anything is showing up.

  • To fix it all I had to do was copy the sockets from the chivalry models over to mine. Everything seems to work now, thanks for the help.

    I just need to make a better rig.

  • Maybe load up one of the Infection Mode maps in UDK and check out the relevant kismet

  • I got all the code sorted out for now. Stay tuned!

  • Did you model the stormtrooper model? Or was it also extracted from a different game?

  • Nice looking models; asking myself the same as Glorb K.

  • I found a free stormtrooper model on turbosquid, edited the crap out of it, made it into a game model and textured it.

  • Hey zombijoe where did learn about rigging? And what program did you use. I’d eventually like to import some custom models for an anime mod.

  • I just looked at some 3ds max tutorials.

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