Duel servers

  • I don’t know if this is the right subforum for such a request, but here goes

    The currently available duel servers (2) are constantly full (18 slots total), moar pls.

    (I’m a poor university student with a crappy pc so I can’t rent one or host a listen server Q_Q)

  • I will add one shortly. Just saw our 32 slot server is slammed full. 8-)

    Edit. What are you calling “duel servers”? FFA?

  • You put duel in the server name, gamemode is FFA

    People do the animated battlecry (default C) to each other to start a 1v1

    It’s 1v1 training/fighting without constantly getting ganked.

  • We have a 24 slot FFA server, 32 slot TDM and a 32 slor LTS server atm. Last night the FFA server was slammed full. I plan to have a 50 slot LTS online tonight with the maps…

    AOCLTS-Battlegrounds_p (32+)
    AOCLTS-Darkforest_XL_p (32+)
    AOCLTS-Moor_Large_p (32+)
    AOCLTS-Ruins_Large_P (32+)

  • A ßCE server is set up explicitly for duels. It’s 12v12 and set for Last Man Standing rotation. Be forewarned, its on the west coast and hosted in a data center.

    Team ßCE :: Land of Duels

  • And by 12v12, I mean 6v6 (12 slots total)

  • Will duel servers with more then 6vs6 even work? Bigger chance to get someone who just wants to FFA you all. :D

  • Can I set a duel server with all weapon unlocked somehow?

  • Moving on, what I want to know is: how can I, player with steam version, play with a friend, player with not-so-legal version on a server hosted by myself? I’m trying to http://www.monlv-deluxe.com convince him to buy the game but we’re having some trouble setting up a server to play a bit. I’ve tried to set up a lan (Tunngle and Hamachi), but even if I could manage to host one and even log in with “console open”, when it came down to him joining it problems would arise. He wouldn’t get any error, but the command wouldn’t do anything. http://www.freerunskonorge.com/

  • @dymyy:

    …play with a friend, player with not-so-legal version…

    It isn’t hard to grasp that a pirated copy probably has a different version number than a legal one, making them entirely incompatible.

    But seriously, people who dare to ask support for a pirated version. Really. I don’t care it’s your friend; you’re presenting this case and should be damn ashamed for doing so.

  • I think that’s a bot, lol. They are getting smarter, I am even questioning myself whether to ban or not.

  • @Martin:

    I think that’s a bot, lol. They are getting smarter, I am even questioning myself whether to ban or not.

    Yeah it’s hard to say since some of his posts actually seems to fit in the conversation topic.
    Even if he wasn’t a bot those advertisement links on some of his posta are still quite questionable.

  • I was raging at a bot? Christ, I am getting too old for the internet. ;_;

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