PS4 version runs like Xbox 360 version…

  • Only at times the framerate gets up to 60 fps. Not complaining. My brother, and I played the hell out of the 360 version. I read about the PS4 version still having problems, so I was going to pass it up, but he wanted to play it again. Which is fine I still can get 20 something or more kills in a match :). I’m just a little annoyed. The issues were never ironed out on the 360 version even though I think they should have been.

    Why do they servers still lag like in the 360 version too? We usually (just like in the 360 version) have to kick out the players with a high ping to get the room to stop lagging. I thought I read somewhere the servers were supposed to be different on the PS4 version?

    I time my attacks just like in the 360 version. Anyways I love the game. Only one like it out there, and I don’t think anyone will make a better sword fighting game for a while, but jeeze I thought it would at least run better in some kind of way,……it just runs the same. Maybe I dare say it slightly worse at times? Why not just take out some of the smoke effects we dont need, and the water/water reflections. I noticed the smoke effects really bog the game down. Just take some of that stuff out I’m sure we would all love more FPS than smoke effects, and water.

    Can we at least get some feedback? Like “no guys were not updating the game” or “nothing we can do about the framerate, but were making small bug fixes” or “the game will run better we’re working on it guys”

    Just some feedback, or reply. We would advertise your game for you. Word of mouth… We want people to play tihs game too! I do try to get people to play, but I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t have its problems. Would like to be able to tell them they will be ironed out.

  • X1 same deal. I guess it’s just a direct port from 360? I have no idea never played it on any other platform. Guess it’s something we’ll have to live with.

    The part that pisses me off is the jittery movement sometimes players get. One minute your standing a safe distance away from an enemy. Millisecond later your heads chopped off.

  • That’s lag for ya, it sucks but hey, I’m grateful I’m not still stuck on the 360 version which is nothing like the next gen version….yes pc players think this port is trash but whatever, coming from 360 it it worlds better so I’m not complaining

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