• Sorry but lol @ this game!

    • Where is Autobalance? Had fights at start with 15 vs 5 wtf !!!
    • Where is Votekick?`People teamkilling on and on lol !!!
    • Where is map vote or scramble teams? …

    I am trying to play good, i try to stab,i try to overhead with the 2nd hammer, hard to hit targets and i am loosing all the time vs a guy who uses the 2hd hammer and just slashspams as hell! Is this the Gameplay u really prefer? Give Stab and Overhead more damage and lower the damage of the fuckn slashspamshit!!! So people try to hit enemys by targeting and not by 270 degrees slashspamming bullshit!!!

    Objectives Maps: 5 % or less Chance to win for the Attackers! I dunno how long the Players will play this 5 % win Shit Chance of Objective maps but hey when u dont change something it will become boring, cuz only noobs will choose the Offenders part and than they will leave this shit and it will become 15vs5 lol! Some Objective maps are to hard! Take 2 Skilled Teams and lol 0 Chance for offence! Big Fail!


    • jave to weak. grafik bug sometimes at start with throuwing spear position, but its the normal position rd y for stab! sometimes bug where i cant circle in normal speed, it becomes really slow!

    • Javelineer shield bug? light class attacked me view times from front!!! with this little axe weapons and rofl they ignored my shield now 5 times. so wtf is this? javelineer not hard enought or what?

    • Javelineer weaponchange time is a joke or? throuw a spear and half an hour later u ve spear ready for combat? lol
      -LOOOL now best javelineer fail: U have just throuwn a spear, now u reload spear and it needs time to become ready for combat. maybe about 4 secounds or more? ok i got hit by an enemy 0.2 secound before the reloadspear time was over and lol it started the reload time from start on rofl, so i had to wait again 3-4 secound to become ready for combat cuz someone hit me lmao!!! good job! So i can say Javelineer is Developers biggest fail of all!

    • Javelineer 1 hit dead class … most of the time

    • All longswords overpowered: Nice Distance and accurate Damage

    Serverbrowser fails!:

    • Joined server over steam “join a friend” how to put this server in favorites? fail!

    • Nice to get the ip of the server im on, but lol where can i put in the ip when i search a server? fail!

    • How can i delete Favorites?

    • Light class jumps around, quickmoves on and on and still enough stamina to kill a whole armee? lol!

    • Sound pls when stamina is gone (k sta never gone but…), like cauhging? like in age of chivalry

    • There are servers where i can get kills for my weapon upgrdes and there are servers where i dont get upgrades… so ahm pls write somehting in a servername to know if this server is a weaponupgrade server or not thx… fail!

    • Most of the objective maps are much tooo hard! 2 even skilled teams and lol 0 chance!!! The deffenders to often spawn at target tehy ve to defend! Thats too izi! Put Spawn a bit away from the Targets!

    AND BIGGEST FAIL like in AOC!: Please oh please make a better keayboardsettingstyle
    Please for each class different Keyboardsetting for slashstyles (Stab,Overhead and Slash)
    I ve a mouse with 3 buttons, left,right and middle mousescroolbutton. Some weapons have most damage on overhead and slash, others on overhead and stab and so i change the 2 most damage giving attackstyles to left mouse and right mouse for easier handling because the middlemousebutton is harder to use! I bet others have same problems!

    • Servrbrowsersettings like “no full servers”, “no empty servers” or “ping” lol pls pls save it once! we live in 2012 not 1995! At Start of Game i ve to put in the setting on and on!
    • Joining Full server in a Waitloop would be nice!
      -Fistfight to much damage lol
    • Class-Weapons Menue: When u are just over a weapon than u an see the stats of the weapons in the left big weaponswindow. K, when u ve all 9 main weapons on the left side than try to get the weaponstats for slash/stab/overhead…U cant! cuz on the way to the Weaponwindow lol u have to move over other weapons!
    • Catapult: Pls copy it from age of chivalry! I try to count the lol clicks to know how far i will shoot with it. MAybe u should show up loadingbarrow like in these bad golfgames for the distance u know. Hitting a point again and again with this is art!

    -Next BIG FAIL!: Archers overpowered. I am heavyknight and 1 hit by Archer with all unlockstuff and half hp gone? Had this most of the time now! Age of Archers or Age of Chivalry? Fix that Bull…

    -Another big Fail: Slashspammers win! Archer vs Knight! Archer dances around knight with his little pocketknife and hit him all the time for a bullshit of damage but the knight cant do anything,0 parry,0 block nothing with his heavy mainweapon. Today vs archer with knigth, catana and shield, he spamed slashing all the time 0 CHANCE to block one hit. Fuck this dumb Developers! And yes this is dumb!

    • Heavys can kick back or shieldbash…great for interrupting enemys block or?! Problem is that it only works with a smaller faster weapon! Cuz when u kick someone back and than u attack with a heavymain2handweapon the shield of the enemy is to quick up again … lol! a shield bash or kick is senseless for classes with big slow mainweapons!

    • Hellebarde: Absolutly overpowered with stab, quickstab and jump to target. Distance, damage everything overpowered

    • Funny that a pocketknife can parry a Hellebarde without taking damage, u learned nothing from age of chivalry or? Larger weapons should make damage though parry vs small shitty weapons, not 100% but at least 10-40%.

    • Free for All Servers: Cant change to new map after match. Always when people leave the server endclip returns and returns lol and is not able to tart next round. Cant u even fix somehting like that really quick?

    • Had a Animation Bug yesterday first time with Knight,3rd 2Hd Mace and the Catana looking weapon and shield. Couldnt see my weapon and as i attacked an enemy it seemed like i lost it totally lol. 0 Damage but it was a slash animation.

    Fazit: The game has only a Good Grafik, rest is shit till now! Slashspammers rule the game, 0 parry, 0 block 0 skill needed.I see Hellebarde noobs slashing like hell and winning vs better players. Archers who hit heavys for fuckin over half hp and spamming them with pocketknife to death and they cant do anything!

    Make a Heavy Tank a close Combat Star and not a weak pwned class by pocketknife shit class owned
    Make a Pikener a Lance Supporter for the Heavys! They really run to fast and that with a large hellbarde, ever seen one in reallife? The weight is hell! And please make the slashing and reslashing slower!
    Make the Archer a Supporter for Distance Attacks and not a damn pocketknife pker! In Normal life a Knight gives a shit about a archer attacking with a pocketknife!!!

    everything i find i write in here, so stay tuned ;-)

    And please make it a better Game!

  • Phwew. This is one heck of a post! I feel most people who wanted to respond to your post probably aren’t even sure where to begin.

    Let me start by saying this: Chill. Many people are playing this game and love it. There are certainly some balance issues and that’s to be expected with a game that has only been out for a few days. Give the developers time, they have statistics and such that will help them make the right balance decisions.

    Alrighty. Moving on.

    Many of your gripes seem to be about “javelins too weak, warbows too strong, i’m a knight, archers shouldnt be two shotting me, etc. etc.” As I said earlier, these are potential balance issues that may already be in the process of being looked at. However, in the mean time, try to look around online for tips, strategy guides/videos, etc. Example, the player Boogeyman made a fairly informative youtube video about playing spear vanguard.

    If you are getting beaten consistently by the same tactic or enemy, change your tactics! Analyze the situation, see if you can figure out why this other tactic is beating you, and adjust to compensate. I can give you a personal example, i play a lot of poleaxe vanguard, and the jumpy men-at-arms who get under my guard with swords or axes give me a LOT of trouble. Like, I die instantly trouble. However, I’ve looked at my play recently, and I’ve learned now that probably the best tactic is to swap to my secondary weapon, the poleaxe is too heavy and slow to fight off someone under your guard.

    Archers will kill you. They kill a lot of people. That’s part of being a glass cannon class, once you engage them in melee, unless they are VERY practiced at fighting close quarters, most people will rip them to shreds. If they continue to cause issues, consider using a class with a shield, it will TREMENDOUSLY increase your survivability against arrows. Shields block arrows even when not raised in a block position.

    Give the game time, it’s an addictively fun game once you get the hang of it! Keep playing, you’ll improve :)

    P.S. Get a decent internet. If you’re ping is any higher than like 150ms, you are going to have SERIOUS issues with every class and weapon.

  • Play into more and give it a chance. I did not read your whole post/story because of grammar.

  • I came in here for a blooper reel, instead I’m greeted by a wall of text that reads like a 14 year-old girls chronicle of her period.

  • @Strudel:

    I came in here for a blooper reel, instead I’m greeted by a wall of text that reads like a 14 year-old girls chronicle of her period.

    Yes! Ha ha ha! (old AoC taunt). Writing such a huge post without proper formatting and in garbage quality English wont result in many satisfied readers, I’m afraid.

  • Dead end.
    brahmburiii, Please post your suggestions respectfully.

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