Chivalry Server Crash

  • My chivalry medieval warfare dedicated server crashes at random times. Usually it happens when my server is full, where UDK.exe stops working. I have a 32 player team objective server, which is on a box with dual xeons and 32GB of ram. Any fixes?

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    It happens alot to most host/servers. Ive had 10+ plus servers with chiv and simple changes can fix this. The Australian PornHub server removed some of the trouble maps. For example coldfront and shitadel. Removing those two maps alone stopped alot of crashing (only 4 crashes in 3 months, best ive seen to date). Also custom maps can cause alot of issues.

    Try reducing your server tickrate if you have increased it.

    There are many reasons for a crash. Process of elimination.

    What chages to the config have you done. And if you are using a old one (ie copy paste) from google etc

  • I mean I still don’t get crashes. With 14 MW servers. On 4 different boxes. The citadel mass crash doesn’t crash the server only everyones clients.

    I get like a crash a month. Out of all of them.

  • Citadel is one of the favorite maps in my clan and I’d like to keep it if I can. Retsnom of the Kila clan gave me a configuration file to use, I don’t know exactly what changes he made. What’s the default tickrate? Would lowering it hamper game play? Also, I only use official maps.

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    Well its effectively the server refresh rate, you will use more server resources/bandwidth the higher it is. 30 is normal, Official are now 60.

    I would suggest starting a fresh config and going from there. on a fresh cfg (UDKGame.ini) there should be 1295 lines of text(plus maps), how many do the kila cfg have ?

    @lemonator47 haha yea, it sorta hard to crash if no one plays on them lel :P

    If you email me at with the cfg attached i will have a look for you

  • The kila CFG has 1533 lines. I sent you a pastebin of the kila CFG in pastebin.

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