Config File Moorland Skirmisher Question

  • Good evening Banner Torn and community of Chivaly,

    This is your oh-so loyalist - Baron von Moorland.
    I’m here to ask if you know how to alter some things on the server side.
    I am unbelievably greatfull for the ability to alter vanilla map rounds btw. It’s a literal dream come true from my inception.
    Couple questions:

    *Restricting chat to team only - this is something I did once before, long ago, but I can’t seem to get it to stick now. I see the config files that say ‘allownonteamchat’ true/false (neither will change anything now, but I know I did it before)
    my reasons for wanting this initiated are just, I’m certain it’s what I want. Just can’t locate the exact way to do it.

    *Remove the kill display hud on the top right corner.
    I would like to know if there is a way to simply turn off the ‘killer/killed’ names on the top right corner for the entire server. Again, my reasons are just and I foresee good things from this.

    *Change the capture limit on CTF rounds and KOTH rounds. I want to add more caps and more score for KOTH - vanilla settings are horderves - my Skirmishers need a feast which I can assist them in choking down.

    These are the primary concerns I have on hand and feel I can better our Moorlands and community by enacting. Your assistance with this is humbly requested and many O’ thanks are always praised in your general direction. Thank you again for this amazing world you’ve offered to me. I love Chivalry.

    Also, I have some personal questions I’d like to direct to some of the immediate Torn Banner staff… Relating to events which took place the week of December 21st 2015. Maybe someone can PM me? Or message me on steam?

    Thank-you all kindly.


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