Future plans and possible bug fix

  • So are there any future patch plans for console versions?… am worried about the lack of communication, is it really that hard to confirm if theres gonna be any updates to the game?.

    I love the game, i bought it on sale and its already my go to game.

    I don’t have any problems with it really, aside from the indeed occasional lag that can be annoying when fighting.

    If theres anything else, id say the fact that most of the population are vanguards and knights, i feel like man at arms is out of place right now since the only weapon that can do reasonable damage agaisn’t them is the holy water sprinkler.

    Don’t get me wrong if your really good with man at arms, sure you can play great.

    But i feel like man at arms is the hardest to play right now, lack of good weapons agaisn’t the large population of vanguards and knights, they can easily team up on you with their long range weapons and just not give you any chance, most weapons kill them with 3-4hits, while they can kill you with 2 easily since your so squishy.

    But anyways aside from that.

    I experienced the stamina bug with the shield, and i was able to easily break it by just swinging my weapon.

    Not sure if that was mentioned already but well, it fixes the stamina bar for me right when i do it, it goes right up.

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