Few questions about NPC - Stamina, kicks, movement.

  • Hello.

    1. I cant find max stamina and stamina regen parametrs in family group. I seen “i costs” but it cant help me.

    2. How can i disable ncp kick\shield stuns? I am try to set “i kick cost” = 9999, but it works only on players. Npc’s still kicking.

    3. When NPC spawns FAR AWAY (looks like more 20 000) from player or\and they have no direct line of sight, they just stand on spawn and do nothing. How can i fix it?

    3.1) I am try to fix it with “move to actor”, it’s works, some… Only problem is, bot is starting move ass-forward, they look back and moving backwards. I am try to fix with “Set Look Target”, but they ignored it, and keep move backwards, till they are detect player.

    1. and 3.1) Problem fixed, by triggering with volumes.

    1 and 2 awaiting answers. Thanks you.

    1. There is Stamina and MaxStamina in AOCPawn. If you want to change the regen rate only, use HealAmount of AOCPawn.

    2. In my mod you can’t kick players, only bots. It’s done in ‘reliable server function AttackOtherPawn(…)’ and looks like this:

        // Causes kick not to affect actors in the same team
        SC_Game = SandcastleGame(WorldInfo.Game);
        if (SC_Game != none && SC_Game.SC_Config != none
                && Info.AttackType == Attack_Shove && Info.HitActor != none)
            VictimPRI = Info.HitActor.PlayerReplicationInfo;
            if (!SC_Game.SC_Config.kickPlayersEnabled && !PRI.bBot && !VictimPRI.bBot)
    1. There is a parameter for that. All enemy knowledge or so it is called. Search for the Kismet node under the ai section.

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