What The Duel Community Wants

  • What The Duel Community Wants

    For a long time, I feel like duelists have been the most neglected constituents of the chivalry community, even though we believe it to be the best game mode. I can’t speak on behalf of everyone, but there are a few changes I’d like to see happen to benefit the chivalry duel community, and I believe most people would like to see the same.

    1. Shield-less Options for Men-At-Arms (and everyone)

    Shields block projectiles. But holstered shields that are worn on the back of a character’s player model are considered a collision target for melee strikes.

    In other words, having a shield in a non-projectile duel makes you easier to hit. Right now, every player class, EXCEPT for man-at-arms, can choose a shield-less build in duel mode.

    -Archers can choose sling.
    -Vanguards don’t have shields.
    -Knights can choose flail with heater shield, then switch their primary to something other than the flail and be left with throwing axes, therefore opting not to have a shield._

    It is unfair for man-at-arms to not be able to pick a shieldless build in duel mode because it exposes their shield as a potential strike target, whilst other classes that have shields can opt to not have a shield, thus making themselves more difficult to hit. Even if the knight-throwing-axe-option is deemed to be an exploit, I believe in a future update, every class, including knights, should have a shield-less option for duels.

    2. More Duel Maps

    Some time ago, all the duel maps were removed from map the rotation and vote list, except for moor, castle_assault, and colosseum. I don’t know why this change was instituted, but we definitely ought to be able to vote for the full gamut of official duel maps that have been included with the game since its launch, whether or not they’re in the map rotation. I remember when cistern used to be the default duel map, and moor was not yet a duel map, and for the game to make a change such that moor is the only duel map running in official servers and everything else is blacklisted, without even a footnote to explain why in any patch note, is unacceptable.

    You don’t have to change the rotation back, but at least let us vote for the other duel maps if we want to.

    3. Reliable Stat Tracking

    There was a time, before October 2013, when duel statistics worked perfectly. They updated in real-time, and you could see everyone’s win/loss ratios. Then a patch broke them. There was a dark period where we simply told new players: “Eh, don’t worry about duel scores, they don’t work.” In time, we’ve accepted the concession that score recording started to work “more and more”, but still never to the extent it was designed to, and did in fact work for, at the start of the game.

    I never expected to see the duel score system STILL broken two years later. Your Total W/L ratio will only display correctly for the first map after you join a duel server, but subsequent maps won’t show your total W/L at all, and on top of that, wins and losses are seemingly recorded at random. I can win 100 matches in a night and only be ahead in total W/L by maybe 10 duels when I log on the next day.

    As a demonstration of how poorly the system works: I’ve been dueling almost exclusively since I was level 23 (achieved at 2200 kills), and being level 56 means that I’ve achieved 111,000 kills. Let’s say I account for screwing around on other modes so that 10k of my kills are non-duels; that stills leaves 100k duel kills.

    Now my record is currently about 15500/3850. Now, even if I had gone 0-2 on all my losses, and considering a win requires 2 kills, that leaves me with 100,000 - 31,000 = 69,000 unaccounted kills, or potentially 34k unaccounted total duel wins. People look at my record and think 15k duel wins is amazing, but I know the truth: that if the records stayed rather than being erased randomly after some map changes, everyone’s duel records would be way higher than they now report.

    4. In Conclusion

    As an aside, I’d really like to see new weapons, or even a new class added to the game to keep it fresh. We love this game, we think duels are the best mode to test your own mettle, and we’re severely disappointed at how the duel mode has been neglected to this point. We know these changes might not be simple or trivial, but I believe, and I think most will, that affecting the changes listed in this article is the very least that can be done to remedy the problems that chivalry currently faces and to make this game the best it can be.

    Sincerely, Sheep.

    X. Addendum
    After hearing from the community, two additional suggestions pop out at me.

    i) Fix for truncated scores in Total W/L column.

    Right now the column displays 8 digits. For people with scores over 10,000/1,000, that means the last digit is cut off.

    ii) Indicator/Counter for Best-of-Three win-count

    (Round 1: Fight! Round 2: Fight!) A spectator watching a fight has no way of knowing the relative best-of-three score for that matchup.

    To give an example of how this might work:

    -As suggested by Dustin in this thread: (http://steamcommunity.com/app/219640/discussions/0/451850468374557616/?tscn=1452660479#p1)_

  • I approve of this.

  • Seconded. Some of these seem like pretty simple fixes.

  • Yea, these are easy fixes that would make a lot of people happy

  • RageRiderRed approves of this motion.

  • Thank god someone has finally called out these flaws. All the fixes seem easy enough to put into effect and would greatly improve the dueling scene. Plz TB

  • I fully back this.

    However, a bug that is very apparent in Duels is the resetting of chatbox on team switches. Since duel mode uses team switching to set opponent players, it is almost impossible to write a message sometimes as it resets or even glitches out and disables chat entirely. I’ve had to adapt to using the say command in console as it persists through team changes. Every single time I play, at least one person complains about it. This would be a nice issue to have fixed and it would provide a nice additional polish to Chivalry.

    Additionally, a pleasant minor addition would be to change winner logic for AOCDuel Gamemode. Currently, its going by first to ten, where a more applicable method would be first to ten with a buffer for Win/Loss Ratio. Almost every other game ends with two players at 10 wins, the checker should consider who has the least loses and in a tie use the first to win. Additionally, it should have a cache for the leaving player or move down to the next player for when the winning player leaves the game, which currently results in the game being considered a “Draw”. This would take less than 30 minutes to write, if TB has any interest I’d be happy to make the logic for it using the distributed source for AOCDuel gamemode.

    Thanks for making this post Sheep and voicing the concerns of the community.

  • @Sheepdude:

    1. Shield-less Options for Men-At-Arms (and everyone)

    This, so much this.

    Having a shield makes it nearly impossible to duck attacks. More subtly, it makes blocking side attacks much harder (especially heater shield.) It also makes it much harder to sidestep attacks/generally use footwork. It’s a huge effect, you might not notice on your own but once someone points it out to you you’ll never stop being annoyed at all the times you die because you had a shield.

  • Preach it brother.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Definitely on board with all of the changes proposed by Sheep, especially the stat function.

  • Very reasonable requests, would love to see TB’s feedback.

  • ABSOLUTELY. All of this, especially stats being broken, severely degrade the quality of duel mode. Most of the best players I know are wholly or mostly duel players, and I myself hate that so much in duels seems to get the short straw when it comes to quality.

  • I fully support this. Since the beginning these are things people have been bringing up constantly. You have a faithful community that plays this game and their voices are trying to be heard. Will you rise to the occasion?

  • The chat bug is a huge one I totally agree needs to be fixed. Chatting in general when you’re in any situation where you might spawn (basically anytime you’re not too busy to use chat) causes problems, spacebar can exit chat for some reason, messages can get frozen, etc. etc. etc.

  • Not much to say- agree with everything in both the main post from Sheep as well as the comments

  • Why would you play the official duel mode when FFA duels are far superior in every way?

  • I am so alright with this, please fix this TB X_X

  • I like both modes.

    FFA duel mode is great for all the obvious reasons.

    Duel mode I find more relaxing and less chaotic. You can focus on 1 enemy and take a break if you want between fights.
    Many an hour has slipped by where i have fought some, made some food, sat back and spectated a couple of duels, chatted a little , fought some more, etc.

    I think its a valid game mode and a good one.

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