What The Duel Community Wants

  • @Raf:

    Seconded. Some of these seem like pretty simple fixes.

    hahahaha, like a fix being easy would make TB do it.

  • I agree completely, especially about the duel stats. They have been broken for far too long.

  • @Glassfan:

    I like both modes.

    FFA duel mode is great for all the obvious reasons.

    Duel mode I find more relaxing and less chaotic. You can focus on 1 enemy and take a break if you want between fights.
    Many an hour has slipped by where i have fought some, made some food, sat back and spectated a couple of duels, chatted a little , fought some more, etc.

    I think its a valid game mode and a good one.

    Having a potato PC, this TB duel mode is the only place where I can get stable 50fps lmao. I’m full biased towards this game mode and I agree with your suggestions tbh

  • Giving MAA’s a shieldless option and giving players the ability to vote for different duel maps (even if they aren’t in the rotation) should be easy enough. Reliable stat tracking would be great but I understand if that isn’t gotten around to, but the previous two are such easy fixes that I can’t see why they couldn’t be done.

  • This would be pretty dope.

  • If these changes are approved I will play the game again.

  • I am Slashspam. I have been around for quite some time. I was an alpha tester. Duel is my favorite mode to play. An update is sorely needed. I would very much like to know what my stats actually are.


    In addition, even more so than in “Duel Mode”, many of the highest level players are in duelyard. I would like to see Official Duelyard Servers, hosted through TB.

    I once saw a mod that track’d when you challenge someone, and counted your victories/defeats. I think this could be pursued.

    -pWn| Dankosity

  • i was told to come support this thread, but after reading it - I support this thread.

    Good Luck!

  • I really don’t have time to play chiv like I used to. But I still like to hop on to duel mode servers from time to time and run a few maps while my kid takes a nap. It’s the easy mode to hop in and hop out of without feeling like your neglecting your team by abandoning them mid objective.

    I think duel mode has only gotten two updates unless I’m wrong. It would be nice to see this mode that a lot of players still play get a refresh. There’s a lot of little things that could be done to make it better.

  • I signed my wretched way back unto this forum, breaking my stretch of silence, for this mere show of support for our best in all his knightliness, Sheep, and his excellently assembled appeal here today.

    To allow these problems persistence until this day, has been a mark of shame on Torn Banner’s reputation. Neglect of this appeal now, best be interpreted by us as a declaration of war. To these ends, together, we will accept any challenge.

  • I agree these additions would benefit the game and a lot of the people that play the dueling game mode.

  • This definitely has my vote. Also I want to see heater shield on knights all the time~!

  • Amen

    Agreed with everything Sheep has said here.

    I never understood why TB messed with map rotations. Even for other modes like tdm, map rotations don’t include many of the better maps.

    Please just make it so I don’t need a shield with MAA. Please.

    Stat tracking working would be great but not at the top of my personal priorities.

    All in all I think this is a reasonable request from the community, and I don’t see how TB can just brush it off. Guess we’ll see.

  • Duel mode definitely needs some love. I think that these changes are a great place to start.

  • I approve of Sheeply’s well reasoned post and would like to see his suggested fixes implemented post-haste.

    I do not, however, approve of Sheep.

    Your Friend,

  • The CPU processes this as something I support.

  • Right, duel mode needs some love from TB devs - I’ve also been a long time participant of the duel community, and would definitely like to see some new maps, along with a reliable win/loss tracking system. One thing I’d like to add though: the win/loss column itself should be extended. Higher win/loss statistics for people such as sheep, where wins reaching a 5 digit figure often get ‘cut off,’ so to speak. While the scoreboard, displays the amount of wins clearly, it seldom has enough room for the deaths (eg. 10k wins, 7k losses might show up as |10000/70|). TB, please consider making these simple fixes!

  • Bump! TB please look at this, duel mode is outdated and should be better

  • Im Canadian and me and my mooses are supporting this cause.

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