My map does not work ingame.

  • Hello, I have a problem with my map not working in the game. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the spawn points or the map info or something.

    In the UDK editor the map works fine when I press the green arrow to play it as if ingame. Only issue is that sometimes the spawnpoints are bugged and they do not show the timer or spawn the player (but will after 8 seconds). So all seems good, and checking the map for errors shows nothing.

    But when I cook the map and open it in the actual game with console, I spawn with no HUD or weapons (and it’s every time, I’ve tried respawning 10 times). It’s as if there is no gamemode chosen.

    So it works in UDK but not in the game. My server info is set to AOCMapinfo and both PIE and Game Type are set to AOCFFA. The spawn points are AOCPlayerStarts set to EFAC_ALL.

    So I’d really appreciate some help, thank you

    EDIT: Okay guys, it turns out that all along the problem was due to the fact that I had named with map with and underscore and not a hyphen…

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