Reflective platemail

  • I was thinking it would be interesting if the armor on knights was slightly reflective, so that you could see in the platebody of the enemy (assuming you were close enough) if somebody was trying to flank you, for instance. This could prevent an opportunity when in close combat with a knight to see if you were about to be surrounded and would make it somewhat easier to fight off multiple opponents by oneself.

  • you would be to close for anything but you to reflect onto it, or any of the blurs on this polished plate to be of any use, also… who has polished armor on a battlefield anyway? or at least for very long

  • This sounds like one of those ideas that sound great in your head, but on paper don’t work.

    You’re saying that the function of the reflective plate is to see enemies flanking you basically.

    The problem with that is that and this is purely opinion, in reality, would you have seen a reflective shiny piece of armour on a battlefield? I’d guess not, perhaps in a jousting tournament.
    If you were in a fight, do you have time to be checking out the reflection of your foes armour and judging the distance and direction of oncoming enemies, definately not.
    The other problem is, that going on the damage levels of the last version of AoC and what I know of Chivalry, if you’re attacked by 3 enemies, that have the slightest clue how to fight, as your scenario suggests, you’re already dead.

  • A knight would look like this:

    Sneaky bastards

  • Enjoy being blinded by the sun when it bounces of the armor.

    What’s wrong with the silver-isch color of heavy classes that we have in AOC ?

    This would just increase the performance needed to run the game and ruin for many until they get a better PC, or just ruin the game for them.

  • Happy April Fool’s day, figgots.

  • @Circle:

    Happy April Fool’s day, figgots.

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  • @Wingy:


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