CTF Mode Bug: Flag fails to return on its own

  • Sometimes when a flag carrier is killed, the flag will not return after the allotted timeout period has passed; it will just sit there forever. This is very frustrating because it prevents players from being able to cap the other team’s flag, even if the glitched flag is literally right on top of the capture point. The only option (aside from changing the map) is to wait until someone from the other team picks up the flag and hope it doesn’t glitch again after killing them.

    I first noticed this bug occurring after the patch that removed the ability to return the flag by touching it (though it is likely the bug was always there but not noticeable since the flags were almost always returned by the player who killed the flag carrier).

  • Any chance this could get looked into? I know CTF mode isn’t very popular in Chivalry, but this is a huge problem with this mode. It completely ruins the match when it happens and it happens quite often.

  • @Eggplant I’ve logged this issue. Thanks for bumping this topic again.

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