Steam Group–new players and vets--easily improve your performance--low commitment

  • For new players that want to learn the game. Learn the easy and basic fundamentals that make up the majority of a player’s performance.

    This is a Stream Group with the intention to connect new players with veterans willing to instruct, give lessons, or practice. And create a high player retention rate. Chivalry has had a stable playerbase for its entire run, but its always been my opinion, the playerbase is lower than the quality that the game deserves, mostly for reasons that make is difficult for new players to “get over the hump”.

    For the veteran players:
    -you are free to join the group if you feel you understand the mechanics behind nearly all of a class. You can choose to teach in whatever fashion you want. Instructing, lessons, or practicing are examples I use. If you prefer to “spectate” and give pointers, that’s up to you and fine as well. If you prefer to simply play TO with them while explaining over a Chat application (example, Steam) or VoIP, that’s fine as well. Your teaching style is up to you and how often you spend time with new player is up to you.

    -We only ask that veteran members be occasionally willing to teach new players the game, whenever you feel like you want to spend time teaching a new player the ropes of the game.

    -Please me knowledgeable of the mechanics of at least 1 load-out and preferably 1 class. You don’t have to be DrEliteMrAceAlwaysWin.PhD and you don’t have to be able to perform all the maneuvers in the game, but if you’re knowledgeable of them and how they are performed enough to explain, that is adequate.

    -Please start be creating a thread so that new players know who you’re willing to teach(class, weapon, timezone, ect)

    For the newbies:
    -Please look through the group to find someone willing to teach a player of their description. We generally ask that instructors only discriminate based on ping and class, so find an instructor that teaches in your time zone and preferred class. Some of our instructors are quite flexible, some only teach certain classes with ping similar to theirs.

    -After you find an instructor, reply to their thread and send them a Steam’s friend’s request(unless they request to only contact through the thread)

    -Understand this game has quite a high skill ceiling and can take a long time to learn. If you’re level 1-10 you’re probably the perfect person to look for an instructor, even high level people if you been sticking with the 1-15 only servers. Learning the correct way to make use of the basic fundamentals of the game will allow most new players to jump ahead 20+ ranks in personal skill level in a short amount of time. I can personally attest to a hour of training taking a brand new player to playing as a typical rank 20~ player and another hour to that of a typical rank 30~ player.

    -Understand that bad habits will be learned in the low rank servers and while most mechanics are intuitive in this game, many aren’t and need to be explained, and they aren’t very confusing.

    -Don’t be bashful about looking for instructors, nearly all current players were horrible at this game when they first started. And regardless of what you think, you probably kind of suck, a small amount of time with an instructor learning basic skills will greatly increase your performance and understanding of the game.

    -Feel free to join the steam group and create a thread that you are looking for an instructor, letting know of your time zone and preferred class if you can’t find a current instructor’s thread. Not all instructors have open threads but at the time of this writing, all instructors are willing to teach new players.

    The Steam Group:

    Those interested, both veteran and new player, understand the group is relatively new and please feel free to create threads explaining what you’re looking for. All current instructor have indicated they are willing to teach at time of writing, and in some cases expressed their excitement in this new group and what is can achieve.

    Anyone willing to help me streamline this process feel free to contact me through Steam, I’m open to ideas.

  • Level 45 Knight/Vanguard willing to team up with new players in TO or TD and share my experience. Weekday afternoons, Eastern time zone U.S.A. XBOX 360… Must have mike.

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