How to use objects volumes in kismet?

  • Hello. Please, can someone give me link for example? Cant undestand.

    I need something like dynamic structure, or just structure. I need to attach some INTS and Strings to Objects list.

    PS How can i get In-game player\bot name with Get Poperty?

    Thanks you.

  • If you want to have a string or int array in kismet, you have to code the kismet nodes in uscript first. Check out how the object list is coded as a reference. You can also implement a list in kismet as a subsequence with limited max amount of entries. But that is somewhat tedious.

    To use dynamic data structures, you mostly use a dynamic array in uscript:

    PS I already explained on these forums how to get the player name in Kismet (from the player replication info, i think). Please use the search. Or just look up my code again(subsequence dungeon).

  • Ok. I really dont understand how to include custom object in editor. I try to create custom node, by duplicating the basic node “Variable Bool” and change its “class” and objname parameter to bool2. And, i never see it in editor. I try compile and cook it in SDK. But it doesnt works.

    I try to remove SeqVar_Bool from dev directory, and it is still in editor.

    I understand cpp a little. But really dont understand how UDK content works.
    Pls help me, i feels really stupid.

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